Photo Chat Episode 27 – 50 shades of inspiration

50 Shades of Inspiration

Where do your inspirations for taking pictures come from? Do you like pictures that tell a story or convey a message? If you’re stuck in a creative rut or just fancy experimenting with your photographic ideas, join us for ‘50 Shades of Inspiration.’

In today’s show, photographer Helen Walker and writer Helen Appleton explore the connection between words, ideas and pictures. It started a bit like this.
Helen A: I write short stories.
Helen W: Can I read a couple of them?

From there, the two Helens chatted into the night (or it might have been the day) about the interesting link between written stories and narrative photography. If you know Helen W’s work, you’ll understand why this piqued her interest. Every picture tells a story, don’t it? As Rod Stewart pointed out some years ago now.

So, what we thought we would try on you is turning the thing around. Instead of looking at the visual image and reading into it what we see, we’re going to give you a choice of 50 word stories and invite you to interpret them with your camera, your imagination and your creativity. To prove we’ve done the leg work, Andrew and Helen W will talk through the images they have produced, using one of Helen A’s stories.

This is not a competition, just a bit of fun to keep you out of mischief during lockdown – or even if you’re not completely locked down and can venture out a little way into the big wide world. For the two Helens’ part of the bargain, they agree mentor you over the next couple of weeks if you want help and encouragement. If you just want fly with it, that’s fine too.

Sound vaguely interesting? Join us for half an hour of confusion over which Helen said what and when. We probably should have called the show ‘A Muddle of Helens’… Anyway, it’s going to be different!

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Want to get involved? The first ten to register will get advice from the two Helens on how to develop your ideas based on one of the 4 stories.

50 Shades of Inspiration

1 + 2 =

The 4 stories

50k or to the gatepost and back? It’s a serious question. You laugh, raise an eyebrow, insert your AirPods.

We set out, our breath forming vaporous speech bubbles, busy in silent conversation. Me then you.

Soon we are running in harmony, hearts beating in time to the same different tune.

It could be anywhere. He has never been here before.

It could be any moment in time but he knows he is balanced on the knifepoint of now.

It could be anyone. The anonymity is unmistakably unfamiliar.

But it’s here and it’s happening. And it’s not just anyone. It’s her.

Upturned dish clattered on kitchen table. Spoon landed face down, bathed in milk. Cat feigned innocence, lapping languorously; white puddle on terracotta tiles.

Through the open window, violin music soared to the moon and back. Oblivious, little dog twitched her dreams of running free in the land  of nursery rhymes.

“Mummy,” whispered Emily. “Why doesn’t anyone speak?” Her legs swung to the lurching of the packed tube train.

“Because they’re busy.”

She frowned at her mother.


Emily scanned the compartment with the transient wonder and wisdom of children. Then she took her iPad from her bag and fell silent.

Photo Chat Episode 26 – Let’s get your website SEO Friendly with Colin Jones

Let’s get your website SEO friendly

Screaming out for visitors to your website but don’t know where to start? Colin Jones from The Societies of Photographers is back on the show to deliver just what you need.

Rank well with the major search engines and you’re on your way to turning visitors into bookings. This lunchtime, Colin is going to show you how to pump up your SEO skill set. You’ll also learn vital new marketing strategies to drive meaningful traffic to your online door.

Colin will talk you through the steps you need to get your website ranked well and to help potential clients navigate your site. If you’ve been scratching your head over effective search engine optimisation, you definitely don’t want to miss this show!


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Photo Chat Episode 24 – The many faces of Sam Dunning

We are pleased to welcome Sam Dunning onto the show. We first met Sam the model, knowing little of his thespian talents. But then, performers make great models so it explains a lot.

Sam has been modelling for some years now and is well qualified to talk to Andrew about his experiences in the industry. He is extremely versatile; from bridegroom to hospital patient to Zombie – and just about everything in between.

Acting also plays an enormous part in his working life. He specialises in musical theatre, which is a perfect match for his vocal range and his tenacity with choreography. But Sam has done plenty of other professional work on stage, in film and on TV. He has appeared in numerous productions, worked as a voiceover artist and as a presenter on many occasions. A perfectly accomplished straight actor, Sam would probably list comedy as a particular forte and has been nominated in the past for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Role. Comic timing? Just ask him about Basil Fawlty or Boycie from ‘Only Fools and Horses’…

So join us for lunch and ask Sam about his many talents. He’s an entertainer so you will definitely be entertained!


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Photo Chat Episode 23 – Peter Morgan on Workflow

Last time we had Peter Morgan on the show, there just wasn’t enough time! After all, IT for photographers is a pretty big subject. In this episode of Photo Chat, he’s back to delve deep into the nitty-gritty of workflow. What are the issues surrounding transferring images from camera to computer safely? How can you make sure you are comprehensively covered for equipment failure? Peter is here to give you the benefit of his knowledge on the topic of image security.

This man is also a drone aficionado. As a qualified drone pilot, he will answer your questions on the confusion surrounding current legislation. He is also going to give us an insight into the impending Euro regulations of 2021 and how the rulings of the EASA will impact on drone flying in the future.

Another info-packed show then. Join us for Peter Morgan: The Sequel!

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Photo Chat Extra – The Steve Miller Interview

Here’s our very first weekend Photo Chat Extra! Get ready because Photographer, Steve Miller is going to give you a fascinating insight into safari and wildlife photography.

Steve is our Wildlife photography trainer and you’ll pretty soon see why. Steve knows his stuff. A Licentiate of The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (LSINWP), Steve was also awarded Photographer of the Year 2019 with the British Wildlife Centre. Not only can he do it but he can teach it too! Last year, he took students to prime wildlife locations up and down the country to photograph seabirds, seals and their pups, birds of prey and all kinds of British wildlife. And, of course, he ran our 2018 Safari in the Kruger National Park.

When you hear Steve talk, you will realise that he has fallen totally in love with this expanse of South African wilderness. That includes the people and the thousands of animal species that live in the Greater Kruger area. During the interview, you will be drawn into a world where human and beast live alongside each other. Steve has a real passion for the photography, the bushcraft and the urgent need to conserve this fragile and magnificent ecosystem. It’s infectious and compelling.

This Sunday lunchtime, we’re going to escape the lockdown for half an hour and we would love you to join us.

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