We are pleased to welcome Sam Dunning onto the show. We first met Sam the model, knowing little of his thespian talents. But then, performers make great models so it explains a lot.

Sam has been modelling for some years now and is well qualified to talk to Andrew about his experiences in the industry. He is extremely versatile; from bridegroom to hospital patient to Zombie – and just about everything in between.

Acting also plays an enormous part in his working life. He specialises in musical theatre, which is a perfect match for his vocal range and his tenacity with choreography. But Sam has done plenty of other professional work on stage, in film and on TV. He has appeared in numerous productions, worked as a voiceover artist and as a presenter on many occasions. A perfectly accomplished straight actor, Sam would probably list comedy as a particular forte and has been nominated in the past for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Role. Comic timing? Just ask him about Basil Fawlty or Boycie from ‘Only Fools and Horses’…

So join us for lunch and ask Sam about his many talents. He’s an entertainer so you will definitely be entertained!


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