Today on the show, we are very pleased to welcome our 2019 Photographer of the Year! Official Photographer for Scottish Gymnastics Media, Howard is a photographer who doesn’t believe in standing still. He’s always keen to explore new photographic genres and that’s one of the things that makes him so successful. It certainly makes him a really interesting guest to have on the show.

Of course, Howard is going to talk about how he captures a range of amazing gymnasts in action and the technical and practical challenges he faces. Andrew will also be asking him about his diverse collection of creative images which he sells online all around the world. Included in this growing body of work is Howard’s beautiful water droplet photography and he will give you an insight how he developed his skills in this area.

Howard’s latest passion is wildlife photography. Living just a couple of hours from the Scottish Highlands, he has become fascinated by the delightful creatures which call this still unspoilt part of the world their home. Among them, the playful otter.

Tune in and Howard will share all these experiences with you. You’re in for a real treat.

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