Company Director of The Societies of Photographers, Colin Jones is a busy man! Photography is in the blood and he is dedicated to giving members a service which will help them grow technically, creatively and commercially. Colin’s role in the organisation is to oversee the day-to-day running of the business. He is in charge of the Roadshows team and has major input into the content and design of Professional Imagemaker, the Societies’ magazine. He is also instrumental in the design of the website and has a significant role in business development. Anything you want to know about the benefits of The Societies to the photographer, you can be sure that Colin will be able to tell you.

In addition to this key position, Colin also plays a vital part in the wider community. He is a volunteer crew member for Rhyl RNLI Lifeboat. Colin’s many hats include Navigator and Helm so he is well-placed to talk about the charity in general and the nitty-gritty of search and rescue in particular. Ask him how this aspect of his life complements his work with The Societies and fulfils in him the need to help others.

For relaxation, Colin entertains others with his musicianship, singing and playing the guitar. As an acoustic cover artist, he is a familiar face on the live music circuit around North Wales.

As you can imagine, Colin is a man who will never be bored!

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